Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutics Series are 4 week series custom-designed for people who are experiencing a specific issue, whether it is diagnosed or undiagnosed. The Therapeutic Series is beneficial for people in all stages of injury and/or recovery and is appropriate for people who have already completed physical therapy, people who currently are undergoing physical therapy, and people who have yet to begin physical therapy. The Series is also great for people who opt not to do physical therapy.

Yoga therapy focuses on identifying muscle imbalances, releasing areas of tension, and creating strength where there is weakness, to improve the balance of muscle strength and mobility. In the Therapeutics Series you will learn

  • to identify movement that can exacerbate pain
  • healthy body mechanics
  • how to integrate safe and healthy movement into your daily life
  • techniques to help with pain management, such as when to use heat and cold, rolling techniques, and when to use topical analgesics

Registration is limited to 10 participants, so please register early to secure your spot. The Therapeutics Series fee is $60 and includes mat rental.

New Therapeutics Series start up every few weeks, so please make sure to register for a series that fits your schedule. Missed Therapeutics Series classes cannot be made up. Please see our Studio Policies page for details.


About the Teacher

Emily Hardeman, ERYT-500, LMT, is a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist and a licensed massage therapist.

Emily completed her initial Yoga Therapy training at Ananda Seva in California. She then went on to complete more than 700 hours of Yoga Therapy training, in addition to more than 1000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and 600 hours of Massage Therapy Training.

Emily’s teaching is rooted in her Yoga Therapy training. She teaches one-on-one Yoga Therapy sessions, therapeutic series, and therapeutics-based workshops, in addition to regular yoga classes. She also sees massage clients weekly. She has worked in yoga studios, fitness centers, wellness centers, and spas.

With well over 3800 hours of teaching experience, her students have ranged from flexible and strong to individuals confined to a wheelchair. She has helped professional athletes prepare for and recover from competition and has also helped people with chronic disease. Emily views teaching as the most wonderful opportunity to serve those around her and always looks forward to working with new students.