Yoga Alliance Standards

Asana: Alignment, Adjustments, Variations (100 Hours). Includes asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, chanting, mantra, meditation and other traditional yoga techniques. You will learn and explore the topics from the perspective of your own personal practice, then learn ways to teach and lead these techniques.

Teaching Methodology (25 hours). How does one teach yoga? And beyond the “how” is a bigger question which is very important to our method: How does one teach yoga WELL? Our goal is to not just train you to teach yoga, but to help you become a great yoga teacher who positively effects the lives of your students. We will help you find your unique voice as a teacher. This category includes principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, the student’s process of learning, and business aspects of teaching yoga.

Anatomy & Physiology (20 hours). Learning and understanding the anatomy and physiology of the human body is a crucial part of becoming a great yoga teacher. You will learn about the muscles involved in each of the asanas, the joints of the body and how to safely instruct asana to protect and strengthen the joints, healthy range of motion, healthy skeletal alignment and how to instruct those with variations in their skeletal structure, the systems of the body and how they are impacted by the practices of yoga, contraindications, and avoiding injury.

Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle (30 hours). Learning about the philosophy of yoga will prepare you to lead by example. Integrating elements of a yogic lifestyle will make you a more compassionate and attentive teacher. You’ll also learn about the importance of ethics as a yoga teacher and within the yoga community.

Teaching Practicum (10 hours). Practicing teaching is an invaluable opportunity to prepare you to stand in front of a room of students and lead practice. You will practice teaching and receive feedback, as well as observe others teaching and provide feedback. You will also learn safe adjustments and how to assist students while someone else is teaching.

Electives (10 hours).

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