Amal started practicing yoga in 2004. She attended 3 classes per week and started to notice that yoga was providing both physical and mental benefits. Her join pain slowly vanished. She realized how her practice helped her slow down and improve her focus on her immediate surroundings, which helped her in raising her children.

After a few years of practice, Amal decided that she wanted to share all the improvement yoga brought into her life with others, so she enrolled in CorePower Yoga Teacher Training.

Amal’s teaching prioritizes growth of the body, mind, and spirit. She loves to watch her students grow and discover abilities that they didn’t realize they had. Seeing the light in their eyes a source of joy.

Amal is the proud mother of 2 college students. Her full time job is working for a bank, but she counts teaching yoga as her favorite kind of work. Amal is also fluent in Arabic.