Whoever said that teachers are the most voracious learners might have had Angela in mind. Discovering early on that she could enrich the lives of others through her own education, Angela began a lifelong journey that has taken her all over the world. Fortunately, it has also brought her to our studio.

Angela could well be the poster child for personal transformation and growth. A self-professed “scaredy-cat” when she was younger, Angela traveled the world with her adventurous husband and began to immerse herself in new experiences and ideas. Among many other things she has ridden elephants in Thailand, eaten ants in a rainforest in Ecuador, hugged an orangutan in Indonesia, hitchhiked around Europe, been chased by a rhino in Nepal, and got married in a tribal ceremony in India. (And that’s the short list.) While in India she began to see the connection between yoga and meditation, and decided to turn the lion’s share of her attention in that direction. And the rest, as they say, is history.

You could learn a lot about Angela just by looking at our class and workshop schedules. Not only is she a Hatha instructor, she also teaches Chair Yoga, Gentle, and leads our popular Yogatime! classes for children. She has taught individual yogic workshops on stress, breathing, chakras, feet, hips, neck and shoulders, and even yoga & hooping. She recently enrolled in an advanced kinesiology training that focuses on practicing yoga to prevent injury. Her husband, Raymond, who is a licensed physical therapist, undoubtedly inspires her to find new ways to protect and heal the body. Angela and Raymond live in Round Rock with their canine child, Moe. When she’s not doing yoga Angela enjoys music, traveling and hooping.

Take Five with Angela:

What did you do before you were a yoga teacher?
“I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and spent many years teaching in the public school system. I also owned and directed a company that provided enrichment services to preschools. Before all of that, however, I was the Drum and Bugle Corps Cymbal Sargent at my high school [laughing.] That may well be my claim to fame.”

What fuels your passion for teaching?
“I want to empower people, and knowledge is the key. Not that I know it all—I’m more like a tour guide who helps people learn about themselves. I am delighted when a student leaves class with even one thing that makes their life easier.”

What are some of your favorite poses?
“I enjoy Down Dog, twists and various lunges, to name a few. I quit trying to do things I thought a yoga teacher ‘should’ be able to do; that’s not what it’s about. If it doesn’t feel right, it ain’t right. That’s why I teach students to ask themselves ‘How does this feel?’ I’ve learned to trust my body and how it feels, from the inside out, and encourage my students to do the same. That way there’s no injury on or off the mat.”

For those who are interested, could you give a quick glimpse of the scope of your training?
“I completed my 200-hour teaching training in 2010, and my 500-hour advanced training in 2014. I now hold an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher / E-RYT-500 Certification through Yoga Alliance. I’m a Level III Radiant Child Yoga Instructor, and a Hoopnotica Certified Instructor. Icontinue to study and train to learn as much I can about anatomy, kinesiology, and yoga as therapy.”

If you had a philosophy about your personal practice, how might you describe it?
“I began to practice yoga not so much for health reasons, although there are so many, but more so because of the way it made me feel: relaxed, confident, and alive. The health benefits were an added bonus. I’ve decided I don’t want to just age. I want to ripen, and yoga is my vine.”