Yoga has been a part of Asha’s life from a young age, as she was raised in a traditional Vedic household. Her path began with learning mediation as a child. When a family friend opened one of the first yoga studios in her hometown of Encinitas, CA, she attended a hatha yoga class as a young teenager and found a fulfilling compliment to her meditation practice. Hatha Yoga helped her learn how to observe and respond to situations of stress or pressure, whether it was playing sports as a teen or later in her work life.   

It wasn’t until she was pregnant with her second child that she truly noticed the transformative nature of Hatha Yoga. She found that a steady practice helped abate the aches and pains common with pregnancy. She learned to use props to support a safe practice, which allowed her to continue yoga until two days before giving birth. But the greater takeaway was that Asha found self-acceptance of her body’s abilities. 

Asha believes that hatha yoga can be accessible to everyone, and she welcomes people from all walks of life into her classes. Her goals are to help students not only find a comfortable and supportive practice appropriate for their needs and abilities, but also discover the benefits of focusing on their breath through movement. “Breath is the foundation of yoga-meditation and yoga-movement,” she says. “The connection of breath to movement found in asana practice can be practiced off the mat in daily life.”

Asha received her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) certification from The Yoga Room’s therapeutic-influenced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program in September 2016. 

Before coming to Austin, Asha worked for a bio-tech firm in San Diego for eight years. Now she enjoys spending more time with her two boys and husband, being outdoors and playing sports with the family, and exploring all that Central Texas has to offer.