Bridgid found her place on her mat in 2005 while teaching orchestra in a public school in Boston, MA. She has wanted to teach yoga for nearly as long as she’s been practicing! Bridgid discovered that yoga was the best doctor, therapist, and personal trainer she could possibly have.  Finally, in Summer 2015, she was in one place long enough to complete her yoga teacher certification.
Bridgid brings a unique approach to her practice, encouraging her students to move in a way that feels good in their own bodies. She encourages a sense of lighthearted playfulness while guiding her students with focused ease through even the most challenging asanas. She carries this mindset through all aspects of her life, on and off the mat. She is so excited to be sharing the transformational power of yoga with all who practice with her. 
Bridgid travels the world performing violin with major recording artists while simultaneously sharing her passion for music with students of all ages and abilities. She incorporates her yoga practice throughout her music career, and is amazed at the way it helps her remain calm and centered on stage, as well as keeping her healthy on the road.