Emily’s focus as a teacher is to create mindfulness of the body, increased awareness of the breath, increasing openness and mobility in the body and a strong sense of balance and well-being. Emily honors the physical and emotional differences in each student, so her classes are very customized. She draws on her training as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and massage therapist to inform her teaching.

What Emily says about yoga and her practice:

“I came to yoga because I was suffering from symptoms of Celiac Disease and was looking for relief.  Yoga gave me so much relief and a great sense of well-being so I decided to become a teacher.”

I love that Yoga addresses the whole person in a way that most therapies do not.  Yoga looks at the person in layers (koshas) and addresses the needs of our modern lives in a way that is completely relevant.  Through yoga we can learn to improve our physical, mental and emotional selves through methods we can take from the classroom and incorporate into our daily lives.  Beyond the individual selves we also learn to be better members of society by being compassionate towards ourselves and others.”

Emily was born and raised in New Braunfels, Texas.  She attended Texas State University in San Marcos and later moved to Heidelberg, Germany where she received a BA in History.