Individual Instruction

How It Works

In a One-Time Session, the teacher can address a specific question, issue, or topic. These sessions are perfect for

  • understanding the alignment of a posture
  • learning how to make a transition in a certain sequence
  • an introduction to specific topic, like meditation or breathing

Weekly Sessions are like a private yoga class just for you. Each session is a customized practiced to help you meet your goals. Weekly Sessions are great for people who:

  • desire a customized practice
  • prefer to practice in a 1:1 setting
  • need the accountability of meeting with a teacher so they can stay on track

On-Going Sessions are designed for people who are working toward a specific goal, such as improvement of a health condition, or deepening their yoga practice, and who can commit to consistent yoga practice on their own at home. On-going sessions are a great option for:

  • putting a serious focus on a specific issue
  • exploring deeper yoga practices
  • people whose busy schedules make it difficult for them to attend group classes consistently

For on-going sessions, the teacher will conduct an intake at the first session to understand your objectives and priorities, and limitations, if any. Based on this information, she will design a custom tailored practice and teach you the practice so that you can practice on your own at home. The length of the practice will customized  to fit it into your weekly schedule. The more consistently you practice, the sooner and better results you will achieve.

At subsequent sessions, you will update the teacher about your progress, then the teacher will adjust your practice to keep you working toward your goals. We recommend scheduling sessions approximately every 4 weeks.

Please email us with any questions or to book an appointment.

Scheduling Your Session

Scheduling for Individual Instruction is based on a number of factors including student's area of focus, teacher's specialization, and availability of student, teacher, and studio space. Please email Pichi, our Individual Instruction Coordinator, to schedule your session(s).

In your email, please include

  1. an explanation of your objective or goal
  2. a summary of any health issues
  3. your availability (days of the week and times)

We recommend letting us propose a teacher who will best suit your needs, but if you have a teacher preference please do let us know and we'll accommodate your request if possible.

Individual Instruction Pricing

Single Session ............................$75

Package of 5 Sessions ............$350 ($70 per session)

Package of 10 Sessions ............$650 ($65 per session)


Please email us and we'll get back to you soon!