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Madison would call her journey of yoga an unlikely one. She originally wanted to become a yoga teacher as a way to help her primary career as a speech language pathologist, but she quickly discovered it was much more personal than she thought. The native of Austin had observed her mother’s yoga practice for years and dabbled in her own practice, but didn’t begin ‘doing the work’ until her freshman and sophomore year of college. It was on her mat that she was finally able to process the complicated grief of her childhood and manage her severe anxiety. Suffering from injuries that she acquired as a child, she also found yoga was a way to increase mobility and flexibility.

Madison is a firm believer that yoga is not simply an exercise of the body but also of the mind. From her experience of working in different therapeutic environments, Madison believes there is ALWAYS a way to accommodate the body, thus making yoga accessible to anyone regardless of physical ability, experience, shape, or size. In her classes, Madison focuses on pairing intentions with movement, as well as increasing mobility and flexibility. She invites students to be wholly themselves on their mat.

Madison currently is finishing her studies as an undergraduate at Texas State University with the goal of becoming a Speech Language Pathologist. She also volunteers at Austin Speech Labs in North Austin. Madison hopes to earn a PhD and study the effects of yoga and breath work on human speech and language. She also works as an aerial yoga instructor at Yogapeutics in South Austin, where she teaches aerial yoga and mindfulness to kids and teens.

Madison received her 200 hour yoga teaching certificate in February of 2018.

Madison lives with her mother, Julie, whom she cites as the inspiration behind her yoga journey. In her free time (if she ever has any), Madison enjoys reading, hiking and social dancing.