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Did you know?

Gentle, pregnancy-appropriate asanas (yoga poses) help you improve your strength and flexibility, manage aches and pains, and prepare your body for childbirth. Breathing and relaxation practices help you optimize your overall wellness in preparation for labor, birth, and motherhood.

Doctors often recommend yoga to pregnant women, but what they don't always know is that certain types of yoga are beneficial during pregnancy, and certain types are not.

It's really important, especially if you're new to yoga, to practice the right kind of yoga with a teacher who is specially trained in prenatal yoga.


Series Details

Four week series. Classes are 75 minutes long and are offered once per week for four weeks. Classes are held on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.
This series is appropriate for women in all stages of pregnancy and is appropriate for women who are new to yoga.
We recommend our Prenatal Yoga Series for women who are pregnant. The Prenatal Series is a 4 week series focused on promoting wellness for the mother-to-be.

Prenatal Series Pricing

Consistent yoga practice yields the best results, so we recommend signing up for the entire 4 week series. If schedule constraints (or your impending due date!) prohibit you from attending all 4 classes in the series, you can drop in for single classes.

4 Week Series - $60

Single Class - $17

Pricing includes a free mat rental.

In the event you need to miss a Prenatal Series class, please email us with 24 hours advanced notice to discuss a make up class. See our Studio Policies page for more information.

Click "Sign Up" below to enroll in a series. Click here to purchase a Single Class. Please contact us with any questions