Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one: one teacher and one student. At The Yoga Room, we offer this traditional form of instruction because of the powerful benefits it can provide. In a one on one setting, the teacher can customize the practice to best suit the student's needs and style of learning. The instruction can cover any aspect of yoga, from physical practice to meditation to philosophy. Contact us today to schedule your first session!

Who is Private Instruction for? 

• beginners (also see our Beginners Series)

• people who are working with any type of special situation (joint issues, balance issues, health issues, stress, injury, pregnancy, etc.)

• people with specific goals (reducing pain, improving posture, managing stress, improving quality of sleep, improving breathing, improving flexibility and/or strength)

• athletes who need a customized practice for cross training or to improve performance

• people whose schedule makes it difficult to attend group classes

• people who want to deepen their understanding about a specific topic (meditation, chanting, breathing techniques, philosophy, etc.)

How It Works

During the first session the teacher will ask about your objectives, priorities, and limitations, if any. Then she designs and teaches you your customized practice so that you can practice on your own at home. We typically recommend a short (15-30) minute daily practice at first to help you develop the new habit of consistent practice.

During subsequent sessions, you’ll update your teacher about how your practice is going, then she’ll design and teach you a new practice to keep you working toward your goals. We typically recommend scheduling sessions approximately every 4 weeks.

Scheduling Your First Session

Scheduling is based on a number of factors including student's goals, teachers’ specialization, and availability of student, teacher, and studio space. To begin scheduling your first session please fill out our Private Instruction Request Form. Our Private Instruction Coordinator, Pichi, will email you in 24-48 hours with appointment options.



Individual Session - $85
Package of 5 Sessions - $400 ($80 per session)
Package of 10 Sessions - $750 ($75 per session)

Duet Session (2 people) - $95
Package of 5 Sessions - $450


Please email us and we'll get back to you soon!