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Shelly has always desire to grow and to seek transformation within herself and those around her. She has a deep love and connection with nature and a never-ending fascination with human nature. Shelly has undergone 500 hours of yoga training, has practiced yoga for the past 18 years, and has taught yoga and meditation to thousands over the last 9 years. She's also a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and nutritionist, adding to her overall understanding of holistic health and wellness. Shelly has experience working with adults all the way up to 94 years young. No matter your age, limitations, or inexperience, Shelly can help you find a practice that's just right for you.

"Yoga is more than just my work, it's my passion and lifestyle on a daily basis. My wish is to provide inspiration, to hold a loving and open space, and to be a light in guiding others to discover the highest potential that resides within themselves!"