2017 yoga teacher training

2017 Yoga Teacher Training - Now Accepting Applications!

If you're thinking about Yoga Teacher Training for 2017, now's the time to take action! We are so pumped about everything that's going on in our Teacher Training program. The rich discussions in our classes, the level of preparedness of our graduates, the on-going support and collaboration in our Alumni group, the list goes on and on.

2017 will be our 5th round of Teacher Training, and we're finding that as time goes on, our students and our graduates are becoming more engaged and more enthusiastic about making yoga accessible for various populations. Our grads are teaching in community centers, churches, their private healthcare practices, yoga studios, and gyms.

Recent discussions in our Alumni group cover a wide range of topics such as how to make yoga accessible for people with bigger bodies, how to establish pricing for group classes in a nursing home, the ethical considerations of student-teacher romantic relationships. I'm thrilled with the quality of discussion!

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we'd love to hear from you! We're currently accepting applications for next's year's YTT class (classes start January 27). Or if you have any questions just reply to this email and we can set up some time to chat.

Have a great day!