October 2016

Announcing our Advanced Teacher Training Program!

This week Emily and I are really excited to announce the launch of our Advanced Teacher Training program. As you know, we began offering our 200 Hour Teacher Training program in 2014, and next month we'll graduate our third Teacher Training class and our 21st TYR-trained yoga teacher!

This October, we're taking our training to a new level (or more precisely, Emily is taking our training to a whole new level, more on that later).

Whereas our 200 hour training provides all the instruction necessary to teach yoga, plus an introduction to teaching in an accessible, inclusive, and therapeutic style, our Advanced Training dives deeper.

In the Advanced Training, students will learn how to make yoga practice accessible and inclusive, and how to teach in a therapeutic style that is beneficial for EveryBody, including people who think they’re not flexible, people who are older, people with injuries, aches, pains, and health issues, and people with other types of special needs that are not typically accommodated in general yoga classes.

Our training program is unique and has a very specialized focus because we feel there is a need for more yoga teachers capable of working not only with the stereotypical young, thin, healthy yoga student, but also with a broader population of people who are interested in enjoying the benefits of yoga.

The TYR community had proven to us, time and again, just how powerful yoga is as a change agent in students' lives and, through our Teacher Training graduates, we are excited to be able to share our style of accessible, inclusive, and therapeutic yoga on a larger scale, outside the Round Rock area, and perhaps eventually throughout Texas and beyond.

In our 17 month, 300 hour, Advanced Teacher Training program, our students will learn how to teach yoga for:

  • Brain Trauma/Injury, Anxiety/Depression, Insomnia, Yoga Nidra, PTSD/Trauma, Chronic Fatigue
  • Heart Disease, High and Low Blood Pressure, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hips, Shoulders & Neck, Back, Knees, Ankles, Feet, Joint Replacement, Pain Management
  • Infertility, Menopause, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, GI Issues, Prenatal & Postnatal

In my eight years of teaching yoga I have learned quite a lot from my own teaching experience and from my own research, but I'm very excited to personally sign up for our Advanced Teacher Training program to formalize my learning and earn the RYT-500 credential. I have a lot of respect for Emily's deep knowledge of the body and of yoga, and I'm so looking forward to learning from her.

If you're interested in learning more about our program, please click over to our new Advanced Teacher Training page. And please help us spread the word about our new Advanced Teacher Training program and how EveryBody can benefit from yoga, regardless of what they may have going on in their body.

To your good health!