1/18/12: Francine's 40 Day Blog - High Hopes

by Francine Harris I have always been drawn to the quiet serenity of Yoga practice. Throughout my life I have participated in regular and not so regular practice. I have read books about yoga and yogic wisdom. I find a lot of comfort in the "non-aerobic" practice.

Even so, I have failed to make yoga a part of my daily life as I would like it to be.

Last year The Yoga Room offered a Groupon. The location of The Yoga Room is so very near to my workplace and my home. I bought it thinking that surely this five class pass would jumpstart me back into regular yoga practice. I immediately participated in one class and then no more. After the Christmas holidays this year I determined to at least use my four remaining classes on the Groupon. When I attended my first class of 2012 I saw that The 40 Day Challenge was being offered. Hmmmmmm. 30 classes in 40 days?? I didn't do 5 classes in 6 months!

I gave it some serious thought and decided that perhaps this was exactly the kind of structure I needed to get back into yoga. So I RSVP'ed that I would be joining the group.

SO! I attended the Kick-off, met some very nice people, and have completed two of my 30 classes. Tonight will be number 3. There is something very exciting about being part of this challenge with a group of people who are trying to accomplish this same goal. I am really hopeful that I have found what will get me back into the very beneficial practice of yoga. Stay tuned!

Francine Harris is an 18 year veteran teacher for RRISD, wife of 23 years, and mom of a 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son. Opinions expressed here are her own.