1/19/12: Francine's 40 Day Blog - A lot to learn!

by Francine Harris Relax and Restore Yoga?? I like the sound of that! I especially liked when Stacy said that there was very little I would have to "do". I was born to do yoga!!!

Gentle yoga?? Hmmmm. That sounds a lot more appealing than the "Boot Camp" my friend wanted me to join. I can do yoga all day long!!!!

Hatha I. Ummm. Hold on here. I am sweating?? I am breathing hard?? In a move from downward facing dog to reclining on my back the room spins so hard I think I might puke??  OK. A lot to learn still.

As I leave Hatha I, the Hatha II class is entering. Should I tell any of them to run now before it's too late??

When's the next scheduled Gentle Yoga class...............?!

Francine Harris is an 18 year veteran teacher for RRISD, wife of 23 years, and mom of a 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son. Opinions expressed here are her own.