1/21/12: Francine's 40 Day Blog - How Many People Can You Fit...

by Francine Harris Just how many people can you fit in a Volkswagen, errr, I mean Yoga Class?!

It seems a lot of us had the same idea this morning, Early Morning Gentle Yoga at 8am! Let's start this day off right! I stopped counting at 20. It's so cool how so many are trying really hard to meet this 40 Day Challenge. Faces are starting to look familiar.

As we moved out of gentle stretches and into more sustained poses, my body did not want to cooperate. I never realized my feet are so far away from my fingertips before. I think I must just have longer legs and shorter arms than most, Yes, that must be it.

As usual, my vertigo screamed loudly when I changed positions. I think I am going to just have to move more slowly from position to position and it really helped when I first supported my neck with a bolster before I let myself lie completely flat on the mat.

As I moved along in the class this morning an interesting thing happened. Out of the blue I had this overwhelming message enter my head. It said, "Thank you for doing this for me." I think it was my body......

Francine Harris is an 18 year veteran teacher for RRISD, wife of 23 years, and mom of a 14 year old daughter and 16 year old son. Opinions expressed here are her own.