Last Call for The Yoga Project!

What's your favorite benefit of practicing yoga?

People seek out yoga for so many different reasons, including fitness, strengthening, toning, de-stressing, relaxing, grounding, centering, mental clarity, mental focus, and more.

Regardless of why you choose to practice yoga, one thing is for sure - the more consistently you practice, the sooner you will see progress toward your goal, and themore profound will be the change.

At Chalk Walk this past weekend I was speaking with a visitor at our booth, a woman who has been practicing at the studio for a couple of years. We talked about how a consistentyoga practice brings about benefits and lessons you didn't even realize you wanted or needed. It's pretty incredible, and in some cases, even life changing.

In honor of The Yoga Room's 6th Anniversary this month, we're running a free program for all our students. That free program, The YogaProject, is a guided course in how to develop a daily yoga practice, so that you, too, can experience the profound benefits of a consistent practice.

We know it's not practical to attend a class in a yoga studio every day - almost nobody has that kind of time on their hands - so the aim of The Yoga Project is to teach participants how to successfully practice at home to supplement their studio practice. Through live weekly coaching videos, two different yoga practice sheets, and virtual support, you can begin to develop your own daily practice.

The two practice sheets are vastly different and designed to suit all kinds of practitioners. So regardless of whether you prefer a stronger, fitness type of yoga practice, or a gentler, mind-body type of practice, The Yoga Project can work for you.

The Yoga Project kicked off October 1st and so far has over 95 participants, but don't worry, you can still join us! Click here for more details, or click here if you're ready to join us in the private The Yoga Project Facebook group! The first live video is posted inside the group, so watch that first to get started!

All my best,