Traveling Tea

During our morning and afternoon breaks at teacher training at KYM we have tea. It comes in a thermos and it's served in tiny paper cups, maybe like a third of a cup. Since it's made with milk, it's rich, and the tiny cup is satisfying. Today when I walked up to the school for my afternoon classes I learned where the tea comes from. It gets delivered to KYM from a local restaurant by motorcycle. Isn't that something? 😀 You'd be surprised how all kinds of things get delivered in India. Men carry huge stacks of newspapers on their moto-scooters, boxes of all kinds of things are delivered by auto rickshaws, propane tanks or pieces of logs are stacked high on a small truck. I've seen all these things in the past week. Plus of course whole families on motorcycles, dad driving, toddler behind him, mom riding side saddle and carrying a baby on her lap. Last night I saw two men on a single bicycle, the passenger carrying 4 foot tall oscillating fan. India's amazing. 🇮🇳