Be the Change

Today our great country received some big news. About half of folks are happy with thenews and the other half of folks are unhappy, worried, and even scared by the news.

I generally try to avoid cliches, but I genuinely feel this one is appropriate: It is what it is. Donald Trump has been elected president. And whether we are for him or against him, he will indeed be our president.

As Americans, as Texans, as yoga students, our responsibility is to do our best. Yogaphilosophy teaches that we work hard and do our best without attachment to theoutcome. 

Regardless of who is president, our responsibility is to be inclusive, caring, and stand up for the best interest of all Americans.

As you know, The Yoga Room’s philosophy is Yoga for EveryBody. We’ve always said that we are an inclusive community that welcomes all people regardless of age, gender, flexibility, fitness, or condition.

To me, it goes without saying that ALL people are welcome, so I hadn’t previously taken the time to really spell out every conceivable type of person. Please allow me to do that now.

We welcome all people regardless of gender, sexuality, gender identity, age, flexibility, fitness, condition, ethnicity, country of origin, or anything else. We welcome ALL people. If you breathe, you are welcome at our studio.

And as inclusive as we already are, today I’d like to personally pledge to do better.

The yogic practice of self-awareness teaches us to pay attention to our actions and habits and notice if and when there’s an opportunity to do better.

Going forward, I’m going to pay better attention so that I’m more keenly aware of injustices, disrespect, or mistreatment of people, and I’m going to step up and do something about it.

The way to move our country forward is to not be complacent, to consciously and consistently pay attention and always try to do better.

Today I pledge to do better by my fellow Americans, and in the spirit of great love for our country, I invite you too to step up and be a shining example of love and caring for EveryBody.

All my best,