Downtown Construction is Complete!

Have you seen how great Downtown Round Rock looks? I love our city and I'm so happy to see Downtown shining these days. The cute roundabout gives Downtown a small-town feel. The new roads are wider and of course in brand new condition. The walkways have been upgraded to pavers, which adds a lot of charm. And have you seen the "Downtown" and "Mays Street" signs?! 

But even better than how Downtown looks is how smoothly traffic is flowing. I know that many of the small businesses on Mays saw a sharp decrease in patronage during the time of the road construction. Some really struggled and were at risk of having to close.

At The Yoga Room, with Mays being our major cross street, we did get reports of long travel times to the studio from the Dell part of town. But now that all lanes are open and Mays is once again quick and easy to navigate, we really look forward to seeing some long-lost faces in our classes again soon. :)

You know, speaking of Round Rock, something interesting came to light recently and I'd like to ask for your help. When we were at Chalk Walk last month we were surprised by how many people stopped by our booth, asked where we're located, and were totally shocked to find out there is a yoga studio in Round Rock.

So if the opportunity arrises, please tell your friends about us. Help us get the word out that The Yoga Room is here in Round Rock (we've been here 6 years!) and we offer Yogafor EveryBody. I don't want to put words in your mouth, but if you happen to mention that we're friendly and awesome, I won't complain. ;)

Last thing, I want to remind you that the November YogaChallenge kicked off this week! The purpose of theChallenge is to provide motivation and accountability to help you create a consistent yoga practice so that you can begin to enjoy some of the greater benefits of yoga, such as better sleep and improved mental focus, creativity, and productivity. You can read more about the Challenge here and if you're interested in participating you can sign up for the Challenge next time you visit the studio.

Have a great week!

All my best,

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