November Yoga Challenge

Can you believe the Holiday Season is right around the corner?! Are you already penciling appointments into your calendar for shopping, parties, cooking, baking, and family gatherings? Me too! But good news - I have an idea to keep you (and me too) calm and peaceful from now until we ring in 2017!

Join us for the November Yoga Challenge to gear up your body and mind for the Holiday Season!

Set a goal of attending 21 classes in 30 days to help you develop a consistent yogapractice. Studies have shown that mind-body practices such as yoga are a great way to work the stress out of your body and mind so you’ll feel more centered and grounded.

Your increased feelings of wellness will help you better manage the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, including typical stressors such as shopping, traffic, weather, and maybe even relatives. ;) You might even find yourself making healthier food choices!
Registration for the November Yoga Challenge is free! You just need a 1 Month Unlimited Pass or a Monthly Unlimited Pass so that you can attend all the classes you’d like.

Regardless of the number of classes you attend, you’ll certainly boost your mind and body wellness by the end of the month! (And chances are you'll feel so great by the end of November that you're going to want to keep up the same pace right through December!)

As an added bonus, if you meet the goal of attending 21 classes during the month of November, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a One Month Unlimited Pass!

How to Register
Just add your name to the November Yoga Challenge Tracker Sheet on our closet door!

You can do it yourself at the studio or you can call us (512-318-2112) or email us and let us know you want to join and we’ll get you added.

How to Track Your Classes
Each time you attend a class, write the date alongside your name on the November YogaChallenge Tracker Sheet.

How We’ll Announce the Winner
The drawing winner will be chosen from among those who meet the 21 class goal and announced right here in our newsletter on Thursday, December 1st!

We're happy to help! Send us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP.

I hope you'll join us!

All my best,

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