Culture Shock

The day started out well enough. Yoga practice, a good breakfast. Then I walked over to the yoga center to pay for my books and there was some confusion about the deposit that I wired over a few weeks ago. They weren't sure if they'd received it. It stressed me out, and while we sorted it out (everything is fine now) I realized I was running late to meet relatives who were coming to visit me at the apartment.

Texted them to postpone by a few minutes. Since I was running late, I didn't get to pick up the few supplies I needed on the way home. I ended up making it back with time to spare. They arrived, we visited. Then I had an amazing lunch prepared by the apartment staff (turns out Manu is from Nepal and he does speak English, he's just kind of shy), had a rest, then headed back out to get the supplies.

And that's when the culture "shock" and homesickness started to set in. I recognized it right away. It happens every time I come here, but surprisingly this time it came sooner than expected.

One of the tops I bought yesterday needed a small alteration. No problem! I'd seen a tailor shop on my walk in the morning. My first stop on my afternoon walk was at the tailor. Only she didn't speak English. And she doesn't do alterations. I guess she makes clothes from scratch only. It was a bummer. I had been really excited to wear that top and now I can't.

Next I went to a "medicine" shop. I figured it would be like a pharmacy and I needed nail polish remover. I wanted to give myself a pedicure tomorrow. No polish remover. And no one in the shop spoke English well enough to tell me where I might be able it. Ok then.

Went to a small grocery store. Found the laundry detergent. Asked if they have cinnamon, no one understands me. Finally found it on my own. But they don't carry water. I have to find another shop for water.

I walk out, look around, don't see any shops with water. Resolve to take a long walk to the fancy grocery store where I got water yesterday. Find another small grocery store on the way. No one speaks much English, but they understand me a bit. Good news: they gave water. Better news: they have polish remover *and* cotton pads.

When I visit India with my husband, it's so much easier to get things done because he speaks the language. Then I realized I'm spending New Year's Eve alone, and that coupled with all the ups and downs today nearly brought me to tears right there by the side of the road. 😥

But I'm ok now. Reading a textbook. Getting ready to have dinner then call home and talk to my littles. Tomorrow will be a better day. At least I'm starting to feel more easeful crossing the streets. 😉