Mad Survival Skills!

I have some mad survival skills! Got a craving for pizza after today's classes and I managed to get some. It was not a small feat! A few random observations today.

1. When I was walking to school this morning at 7:15, I saw 3 interesting things on the side of the road within a span of a minute: a man sleeping on a tractor, a man peeing, a young couple having a quarrel (they did patch things up - she was on his motorbike a minute later). And I actually saw another man peeing on my way home this evening.

2. I'm getting more comfortable walking. I look around and I know what shops are on the route from apartment to school. This is important because the shops are tiny and specialized. There's no such thing as one stop shopping. There's nothing like a Walmart, HEB plus, or Target. So now I know where to buy fruit, flowers, household items, and stationary.

3. Tailors here do not do alterations. I've tried 3 shops. All said no.

4. People here give directions by number of buildings. Like, "Go to the next street, turn right, and go 6 buildings." Pizza Hut was at the 6th building. The shopkeeper where I bought notebooks this evening gave me directions.

5. You can order COD from Amazon here. I forgot my tripod at home, and I need it so I can do things like Facebook Friday (actually, it may have to be Saturday - I'll get back to you on that). I ordered a tripod on Amazon India, but my credit card wouldn't work. No problem, I used the COD option, and lo and behold, it worked. Got delivered today. And they forgot to collect payment! I hope they'll come back tomorrow for the money. The tripod was *not* what I was expecting. I thought I was ordering one like mine at home, but the one that arrived is seriously super sized.

6. I look like a local now. Someone asked me for directions. I guess that's what happens when you're carrying a pizza. 😀

P.S. Milk gets delivered to your door (in my case, the apartment) in plastic bags! They're small, about 6" square. I guess that cuts down on waste?