Shopping Small in India

I bought what I thought were sugar snap peas from a woman's vegetable cart on my walk home for lunch today. I thought they'd be a nice healthy, crunchy raw snack. Turned out to be regular peas, so my apartment managers are going to make them into tomorrow's dinner. But two interesting things here. 1. Look how they weigh the vegetables. A balancing scale and weights! A nearby cop intervened and tried to convince me to buy more by throwing an extra couple of handfuls in my bag, but I held my ground. 2. This bag of peas (plus some extra the vendor threw in because my bag weighed less than the weight) cost Rs. 20, which is about $0.30. Mind boggling. 3. I love supporting small businesses, and women's businesses, and a woman's rollable vegetable cart is about as small as you can get. Hmm. I should hit up a roadside flower table tomorrow. I'll try to get a pic for you. 🌼