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I'm still in India for my 500 Hour Teacher Training, but I wanted to share with you another way to keep in touch. :)

In July, Emily and I created the EveryBody Yoga Podcast. We wanted to be able to share The Yoga Room's "Yoga for EveryBody" philosophy with a broader audience.

Last week we released our 10th episode, which is the first in our "Yoga Around the World" series. I'm interviewing some of my new friends from this training program to learn how yoga in other countries may be different (or the same) compared to how we practice in the U.S.

In Episode 10 I interviewed my friend Nadine, from Luxembourg, which is a tiny country in Europe. You can check out the episode here!


Our previous EveryBody Yoga Podcast episodes include everything from etiquette tips to guided practices you can do at home!

You may be wondering, "What is a podcast, anyway?" Here are some frequently asked questions about podcasts:

Q. What is a podcast?
A. A podcast is an audio file made available for downloading, or streaming, on iTunes (now Apple Podcasts), Stitcher, etc., or via a website.

Q. How do I listen?
A. Most people listen to them on their smart phone or tablet, but you can also listen on your computer or laptop. If you plan on being away from Internet access, you can even download the episodes to listen offline.

Q. Is it free?
A. Yes! Our podcast (and most all podcasts) is completely free! 

Q. Do I need to subscribe?
A. Subscribing isn't necessary to listen to a podcast, but doing so ensures you'll never miss an episode, so we'd love you to subscribe! (Subscribing is also free!)

That's it! Oh! We also have an EveryBody Yoga Facebook page. We post videos, tips, and of course, new podcast episodes, so you'll always be in the loop!

Looking forward to connecting with you soon,

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