Yoga for Back Pain

Earlier this week I tweaked my back. I’m not exactly sure what I did, but I sure was surprised about the amount of pain I was in. It was that kind of nagging pain sprinkled with unexpected sharp pain triggered by movement, that makes you really cranky and irritable.

I was surprised by it because my body has been feeling pretty amazing since I’ve been practicing daily the last couple of months, but I guess these things happen once you hit a certain age. Not to mention two pregnancies and one back injury during pregnancy, but I digress.

My back really hurt. And I was really cranky. I woke up yesterday morning and honestly, I couldn’t wait for my husband and kids to leave for school so that I could get on my mat.

When your back is hurt you can’t do your normal practice, you need to do a special strategic practice to relieve pain. I don’t like to immediately take pain medicine when I have pain, because I feel like that is treating only the symptom (pain) rather than the root of the problem. And in this case, I knew the problem was tight and spasming muscles.

So I laid on my mat and I breathed and slowly moved as much as I could tolerate. I knew that if I was patient and persistent that my muscles would loosen up. And after 38 minutes they did. I know this because I had to take a potty break at the 38 minute mark and at that point I was feeling about 80% better. I got back on the mat for a few more minutes, and at the 45 minute mark I was feeling 90% better and I declared that a success.

I knew the muscles would tighten back up a bit throughout the day, and they did. I breathed and stretched for maybe 5 additional minutes throughout the day and I felt reasonably well at bedtime last night.

This morning, about half of the tightness has returned, so I got back on my mat for a slightly modified version of my normal practice, and I’m feeling pretty great now.

You might wonder why I’m telling you all this. Well, yesterday afternoon a timely article about low back pain popped up on my news feed. It talks about how the cause of back pain is varied and complex and how doctors don’t have a reliable one-size-fits-all solution for it. The article says exercise, yoga, and mindfulness techniques are equally as effective, and sometimes more effective, than pain medication at relieving low back pain.

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Have a great week! We look forward to seeing you soon!