Campaign of Giving & We Launched our Podcast!

This week we have two exciting announcements to share with you!

The first is that this month we're kicking off a campaign of giving. We love our community, and we want to give back in exchange for all the goodness and joy it provides.

This month First Responders are in our hearts, and we want to share yoga with them! You can nominate your favorite First Responder by telling us their name and the organization they work for, either in a Facebook comment or by emailing us. Please send your nomination by Friday, July 21, and we'll announce three winners of 5 Class Passes the following week.

The second exciting announcement is that we launched our podcast, EveryBody Yoga, last week!

You might be wondering, what is a podcast? That was me too about a year ago. I had a only a vague idea of what a podcast is, and one day, when I was out walking with my kids, I ran into an online acquaintance who happened to live in my neighborhood. She'd been reading our newsletter for some time and she told me I should do a podcast. I was flattered, but I was also like - um, yeah, ok, I'm not even sure what that is.

She took a minute to show me on her phone and I realized it's kind of like a recorded radio show that you access online. Emily and I had long been exploring different ways to share yoga instruction, so I mentioned it to her. Emily is an avid podcast listener and she thought it was a great idea, but neither of us know how to make it happen.

The podcast idea rolled around in the back of Emily's and my minds for a long time, and one day we mentioned it to the fearless Pichi, who immediately launched an enthusiastic technical investigation. The three of us had a couple of planning meetings, and before we knew what was happening we were recording our first episode!

The EveryBody Yoga podcast is a place for both students and teachers to learn more about the practice of yoga. You can find it on iTunesGoogle Play, and Libsyn. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! You can also request topics you'd like us to discuss in a future episode. :)

Have a great week!