Imagine if your knees were so achy and painful that you couldn’t bend them enough to lower yourself to the floor. You could probably do most of your yoga class seated on a chair, but what about the lying postures?

So much benefit can be gained by lying postures, including relaxing the back muscles, releasing tension in the shoulders and neck, abdominal strengthening, full body stretching with twists, and of course, relaxation. But if you can’t get down onto the floor, the benefits of lying postures are unfortunately beyond your reach.

And what if you’re usually able to practice all types of postures, but you’ve recently had a foot surgery or even just an elbow injury? Does that mean you should skip yoga practice yoga until you’re fully recovered? No, you should continue your practice and modify for your injury so that you can optimize your wellness and speed your healing.

And what about people who use wheelchairs? They may have trouble standing or transferring to a lying posture, and they too might like to enjoy the full benefits of yoga.

This is why, at long last, we have designed and built a yoga platform to accommodate anyone who may have trouble moving to a lying position. Our new platform helps us extend our philosophy of Yoga for EveryBody to more kinds of bodies!

If you’d like to use the platform in your next Class, Workshop, Series, or Individual Instruction session, just call a day ahead so we can make sure to set up the platform in the correct room for you.

If you use a wheelchair, you might like to view the video above. It demonstrates one method of transferring from a wheelchair, onto the platform, to a lying position.

platform collage.png

When the platform is not in use, it can either be used as a platform for the teacher to sit upon, or it can be flipped onto its side and stored near a wall to free up floor space.

We're really excited about extending our philosophy of Yoga for EveryBody! Please share the news of our platform with friends who may be interested in yoga, but are concerned that they may not be capable of all the postures.

As always, we’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments about the platform, please post in the comments below, or reach us at

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