Let's begin!

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I'm writing this note to you during a rare free hour during our class schedule at KYM. Today is our last full day of classes; next week we have finals and graduation.

If there's one overarching thing I've learned during this 500 hour training, it's that as students, we should just begin. Don't overthink it, don't make excuses. If you're interested in feeling better in your mind, body, and spirit, just jump in. Start your yoga practice. Or restart your yoga practice.

The sooner we begin to practice, in whatever style or form, the sooner our bodies feel better, the sooner we see more clearly, the sooner we can make better choices and have more ease in life.

At The Yoga Room, it's easy to begin (or re-begin) your yoga practice anytime:

  • You can attend a Beginners Series if you're a newbie and want to get a good understanding of yoga before jumping into regular classes.
  • You can attend classes on our Class Schedule. No need to sign up in advance - just show up.
  • You can attend Individual Instruction if that feels like the best route for you.

Regardless of how you practice - please, please, this is very important - figure out how to fit yoga into your schedule consistently. You'll see better and faster results when you practice regularly because you're training your body and mind and creating new habits.

Aim to practice at least 3-4 times per week, and up to daily if possible. All theclasses don't need to be in the studio; you can certainly practice at home sometimes. Schedule your classes on your calendar or planner - they're important appointments for your well-being!

I'd be more than happy to speak with you to help you find the right practice for your particular goals. Please feel welcome to email me at zelinda@rryogaroom.com to initiate the conversation.

And also, please mark your calendar for a free event I'm hosting at the studio on Saturday, Aug 25th, from 2:00 - 4:00. It's called Reflections from India, and I'll be discussing the new knowledge that I gained in the Krishnamacharya training course, and I'd love to see you.

All the best!

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