We Won Best Yoga Video From Healthline!


We received some great news this week - our Gentle Yoga for Bigger Bodies video from our YouTube channel was recognized in the Best Yoga Video Category by Healthline! This is our second recognition in two months, and we're really happy to see that accessible yoga for all types of bodies is starting to be represented in the mainstream media. 

On the topic of yoga for all types of bodies, we recently launched our "This is My Yoga Body" t-shirts and they're selling out fast! Please let us know if you'd like one so we can place a second order.

Next week I'll be heading back to India, this time to begin the Yoga Therapy training course. In my absence, please continue to practice with the very capable and gracious teachers who have agreed to cover my classes. Practicing with a different teacher gives you the benefit of a different person's experience and perspective. A sub may not teach in exactly the same way as your usual teacher, but if you're open minded you're sure to learn something new in each class (just like in life!). I look forward to seeing you again around August 6th!

Upon my return we'll begin planning our 2020 Yoga Teacher Training program, which will be rooted in the Krishnamacharya tradition and focus on teaching yoga for all kinds of bodies. We're excited to restart our Yoga Teacher Training program to provide an opportunity for our students to a) deepen their practice, and b) become teachers knowledgeable about teaching yoga for all kinds of bodies. We believe the world needs more accessible yoga teachers. Please let me know if you'd like to be added to our interest list and we'll keep you updated with all the details.

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