NEW! Earn Studio Credit For Referring Your Friends!

Did you get a chance to read last week's newsletter? In it, I proposed creating some routine in your daily schedule as a way to reduce stress and increase your Serenity. I think routine is key to making healthy life changes. If you didn't have a chance to read it, or if you read it but forgot to take action, click here.

This week we have some exciting news to share! We're rolling out a Referral Program! It's simple and  straightforward and many of our students will benefit from it right away.

Here's how it works...
When you refer a friend to The Yoga Room and they attend their first class, you'll get a $10 credit added to your account. Just have them mention your name when they check in. That's it!

The credit can be used for in-studio and online purchases of Workshops, Individual Instruction, and merchandise.

We've decided to make this program retroactive to the start of 2019, so if you've referred someone and they've attended their first class this year, you'll see that credit pop up on your account in the next few days.

We're always so glad and so grateful when someone's had such a great experience at our studio that they share us with their friends. Word of mouth is what's kept us going all these years, and we appreciate your support.

See you soon!

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