3 Yoga Poses to Ease Severe Back Pain

Last week I wrote about my new video 3 Yoga Poses to Ease Back Pain. That's a great little practice (if I do say so myself) for when you're experiencing moderate back pain. But when your muscular low back pain is so strong that every little movement is painful, you need a more gentle practice. So this week I recorded for you 3 Yoga Poses to Ease Severe Back Pain. The poses in this video are meant to be taken sequentially, depending on how much mobility is comfortable for you. Start out with Side Bends, work your way up to the gentle glute and leg stretches, and finish up with seated forward folds. Practice the sequence 2-3 times per day for best results.


Please feel welcome to share this video with your friends or loved ones who experience occasional or persistent low back pain. If you try out the video, please let me know how it goes in the Comments below. I'm also happy to answer questions, so feel free to post those, too!

Lots of Love, Zelinda