5/15/12 - Children's Yoga: What to Expect

by Angela Ever wonder what it's like in a kids' yoga class?  You might think the kids sit still and quiet while they turn their awareness inward and learn about meditation. Occasionally that can happen, but for the most part….nope!

The real purpose of a children's yoga class is to help them find joy within themselves and act from a place of connectedness.  The class provides a framework in which they can blossom, so it must be allowed to flow and move in any direction the kids take it. A good kids' yoga class is engaging and fun, and promotes a state of well-being on all levels.

Kids yoga classes can be a bit noisy, because kids can be spirited, energetic, and full of curiosity. The focus is on play and social activity. It’s about having fun and engaging with family and friends, rather sitting silently and tuning inward.

So the next time you think, “My child won’t sit still for a yoga class!” Don’t worry, they’re not expected to!