6/25/11 The Benefits of Yoga for Children

By Angela Believe it or not, kids are under a lot of pressure. Families are so busy now days, rushing here, rushing there; to work, to school, to lessons, to sports, back home for dinner, then homework, then bath time…Yikes! It doesn’t matter what your age… it all adds up. Adults are not the only ones who can benefit from a regular Yoga practice.

Learning Yoga at an early age can give kids the tools needed to easily face life’s many challenges. Yoga teaches methods for finding inner peace and relaxation. It helps kids develop compassion, cooperation, and provides them with the coping skills to deal with stress and difficult emotions.

The beauty of Yoga is that it’s non competitive, it fosters self esteem and awareness of one’s own body. Kids of all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages can benefit. It allows kids to blossom, honoring their individual learning styles as they understand and appreciate the fact that every body is made different.

Physically, Yoga enhances balance, flexibility, strength and coordination, excellent for their growing bodies and health. It also improves the powers of concentration and focus, assisting in development of the brain and intellect.

The bottom line is YOGA IS FUN! The many benefits of Yoga can all be experienced through the playful nature of a kids’ Yoga class. Breathing techniques, poses, and visualization combined with songs, games, and stories offer kids an opportunity to express and learn about themselves in a safe and joyous atmosphere.

Come experience it for yourself at The Yoga Room’s Yogatime!, a Yoga class for kids ages 3-5 years where parents are welcome to attend and participate.

Also check out July’s 4 week workshop for kids ages 5-10 years, Hey Hey, It’s the Chakras!