9/8/11 Delivering the Firefighter Donations

by Zelinda Today I dropped off all the Firefighter Donations at the Pflugerville Fire Department on Pecan Street.  Captain Jim Sides and Lieutenant Ron Corrigan from the Prevention Department helped me unload all the donations from my car.  They were both so grateful and so nice.  They were especially excited about the Gatorade, Clif bars, and towels.

I asked them about the wildfires and the roles they've played in fighting them.  They said that over the weekend they were so busy fighting Pflugerville fires that they were not able to send any engines to Bastrop.  Today was the first day that Pflugerville fires were under control enough that they've  been able to send resources to help fight fires in other cities.

These gentlemen were really friendly and really nice.  Just really good people.  They took a few minutes to talk to me, let my older son sit in a fire engine, and gave him a Fire Chief sticker.

They so much appreciated each of your generosity.  It's really amazing how several people making a small effort can have such a large beneficial impact.  Nice work, yogis.  Thank you for helping make this donation drive a success!

By the way, I didn't make the "Thank You Firefighters" sign you see in the photo.  I think that came from some school kids :)

But I did write them a thank you note on behalf of all of us, thanking them for their hard work during this wildfire season, and inviting them to come take free yoga classes all month.  Maybe we'll see some firefighters in class soon!