Kicking My Bad Habit: 3 Easy Tips for More Sleep

We all have our bad habits. Most of us try to keep them a secret, but I'm coming clean with this one because I know it's what's best for me, and maybe for you too. I never manage to get enough sleep. To be more accurate: I am chronically sleep deprived - I probably average about 5 hours of sleep each night. There, I said it.

The annoying thing is that the logical part of my brain KNOWS people need an average of 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

It KNOWS sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, increased risk of disease, weight gain, and bad skin.

It KNOWS my sleep deprivation causes me to have a foggy brain.

Yet I still have not been able persuade myself to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

But since I KNOW I need to get more sleep, and since I WANT to walk my wellness talk, and since I BET some of you are facing this same issue, I've done some research and come up with this easy 3 Step Plan to get more sleep:

1. Define Quitting Time. Turn off the TV or put the computer in sleep mode and WALK AWAY.

2. Find an Accountability Partner. This is a good strategy for integrating any kind of change into your life. Find a person who is willing to give you some tough love so you stay aligned with your goal.

3. Give yourself a reward. Sticker charts work for kids - why not for adults? Give yourself a gold star for every night you get your target number of sleep hours. After a week's worth of gold stars, reward yourself with a hot stone pedicure, a relaxation-inducing massage, or a some other wellness-focused treat.

So now, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Whether you consistently get 8 hours per night or are barely making it on 4, I bet there's something I can learn from you! And maybe other readers can learn from you too.

In the Comments below, tell me about your sleep habits and what's behind them. What are your excuses for not sleeping enough? Or what routines or statistics motivate you to get your beauty sleep?

I'm ready to make a change (maybe you are too!). Let's leverage our collective wisdom to fuel our success.

Namaste, Zelinda

P.S. If you have trouble winding down to fall asleep, check out my Bedtime Yoga video, a simple 6 minute practice to relax your body and mind to prepare to sleep. (please forgive my allergy voice!)