Summer Yoga Staycation!

We have a packed newsletter with lots of exciting announcements this week! Please be sure to read to the end!

First up, I recorded a new video for you! Here's a short video about how to sit comfortably in yoga. This is a great video for people who are new to yoga, and especially for people who are afraid to try yoga because they're nervous about sitting down and getting up from the floor. It's also a useful refresher for people who have been practicing yoga for a while.

Secondly, I'm thrilled to announce our Summer Staycation: Exploring Sthira & Sukham, hosted by Bridgid and Lk!

Sthira and Sukham are Sanskrit for Effort and Ease. In this two day Staycation you'll learn how to balance subtle aspects of effort and ease to bring strength and stability to your yoga practice (and your life!).

We've put together a full itinerary of yoga classes, meditation, workshops, relaxation, and even art, to really explore sthira and sukham. It's going to be awesome and we're so looking forward to it! You can read more about the Staycation here. Please note that space is limited, so be sure to register early to confirm your spot!

All my best, Zelinda

P.S. In case you missed it in last week's newsletter, I'm headed to India with my family for a few weeks. I'm leaving this Sunday and I'll be back at the end of June. I'll be taking some training while I'm there, so I'll share my learnings with you upon my return!