9/15/11 - Video: Yoga to Relax Your Back

by Zelinda I've been wanting to offer yoga instructional videos online for some time. I think videos a great way to evangelize the "Yoga for Every Body" concept and really SHOW people that everyone can practice yoga and benefit from yoga. (Not to mention one of our TYR yogis moved away recently and asked for videos so she could continue practicing with us :) )

So I bought a tripod a few weeks ago and I emptied the memory on my Flip camera, and then I was pretty much ready to begin. Then a lady in one of my recent classes provided inspiration by telling me about her back pain. So here you go, my first little instructional video: Yoga to Relax Your Back. It's a 5 minute practice that you can use to relieve tension in your back or just to find some quick zen. Let me know how it goes!