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40 Day Challenge 2017!

Hello! I'm still in India. Doing fine, really well actually. I had my first test today (Anatomy & Physiology). I think I aced it. Will know soon enough.

I'm learning SO much and can't wait to bring it back home to The Yoga Room at the end of the month. You'll see and hear lots of new information and influences in my classes and in our 200 Hour Teacher Training Program that starts later this month on the 27th!

In my classes I'll be teaching about how to refine your breathing for greater mental focus and clarity and you'll also see interesting new sequences. In Teacher Training, I'll share new and deeper knowledge about yoga philosophy, especially the most important yogic text, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. And for anyone who is interested, I would be more than happy to teach you about the chanting - I'm learning a lot of that!

If you've been thinking about Teacher Training in 2017, there is still time to submit your application. You can find our Teacher Training page right here

Coming up next month is our annual 40 Day Challenge! The whole Teaching Staff is looking forward to helping you deepen your practice. You can find all the details about the 40 Day Challenge here.

I'm posting updates from India on our Facebook page and on our Instagram page. Please make sure to like/follow our pages if you'd like to keep up with my observations and philosophical musings about daily life in India and training at the KYM.

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