Yoga Sutra 1.14

Last Call for the 1.14 Challenge!

Imagine moving about your day with ease, free of aches and pains. Imagine your mind clear and focused so you can be productive and creative. That's how it feels when you practice yoga consistently!

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If you've been wanting to improve the consistency of your yoga practice so that you can feel great, now's the time! Tomorrow we kick off the 1.14 Challenge. It's a free program where you set your practice goals, and we provide the motivation and accountability to help you succeed.

Click here to read more about the Challenge and sign up. You can do it, we'll help! And besides, what have you got to lose?!

All my best,

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Join us for our 2018 Yoga Challenge!

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I hope you're well and you're having a nice day today! How is your yoga practice going? How are your body and mind feeling?

We're all interested in the incredible benefits yoga offers, like improved management of stress, increased strength and flexibility, improved quality of sleep, and improved overall well-being. And we all know that the path to gaining these benefits (and more!) is consistently getting on our mats to practice.

But establishing a consistent practice is very often easier said than done, for a variety of reasons!

This year we're unrolling a new type of yoga challenge - the 1.14 Challenge - to support you in improving the consistency of your practice.

The 1.14 Challenge is based on Yoga Sūtra 1.14:

In order for one's practice to become firmly grounded, one must practice for a long time, without interruption, and with a positive attitude of enthusiasm.

During the Challenge, we'll provide guidance, motivation, and accountability, to support you in establishing a consistent practice.

We look forward to helping you make yoga a part of your routine so that you'll feel your best every single day and so that you can live life to the fullest.

We sure hope you'll join us!

Read more about the 1.14 Challenge here. And please let me know if you have any questions!

All my best,

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