NEW VIDEO: Gentle Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Pain

This week my mom came to visit. Over the past few years she's been building up tension in her neck and shoulders, and since she lives far away and they don't have a yoga studio in her town, I decided to record an instructional video for her. As I started planning the video, I realized that many more people than just my mom could benefit from a short yoga practice focused on the neck and shoulders, so viola! I put together a video for my mom and everyone else who deals with tightness and pain in their neck and shoulders.

I'm really happy with how this video turned out. It has a much more personal tone than instructional videos I've done in the past. I think it feels kind of like a private lesson.

Please check it out and share it with anyone you know who might benefit from it!

XO, Zelinda

Yoga for People Who Aren't Flexible (Yet!)

You know how when you meet someone new, they always ask what you do? When I tell them that I teach yoga, nine times out of 10 the next thing out of their mouth is "I could never do yoga - I'm not flexible!" This response makes me smile every time. I always tell them that we practice yoga to BECOME flexible, but they usually look pretty skeptical.

One of the great things about yoga is that every yoga is customizable, and if you take classes at a yoga studio the teacher will be happy to help you find your own version of each pose. With a little time and practice, your flexibility will improve, your body will feel better, and your energy level will increase.

If you already practice yoga, you probably already know this to be true. And I'd bet that if you've tried to share the benefits of yoga with your friends and family, you've probably faced the same kind of skepticism I have.

That's why I recorded this short video! It's a 7 minute practice called "Yoga for People Who Aren't Flexible (Yet!)." Please share it with your loved ones and maybe they can get some benefit out of it and MAYBE even start to believe that yoga is for Every Body.

I'd love to hear what kind of responses you get! In the Comments below, please let me know these two things: what your loved ones said when you showed them this video and how you responded to ease any worries or fears they may have had.

I think yoga is an such amazing, life changing practice, and I think the more we talk about it, the more we normalize it. More people will start to believe that yoga is something they can do, and more people will start to enjoy comfortable bodies, peace of mind, and nice deep breathing.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Namaste, Zelinda

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