class roadmap

Roadmap for the New Fall Schedule

With the schedule changes coming up in September, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to find your favorite classes. Over the next 2-3 weeks I’ll send out newsletters, videos, and cheat sheets providing additional information and perspective on our new classes. All your favorites are still here, plus some new great new ones! In today’s newsletter I’ll tell you how our current classes map to our new classes and which new classes may be of interest to you. If you currently enjoy Gentle yoga

On the new schedule you can still take Gentle classes, and you might also be interested in Mindfulness and Therapeutics. Mindfulness incorporates more focus on breathing practices and may also include simple chanting and meditation for stress management and mental focus. Therapeutics is great for anyone dealing with an issue or injury that can benefit from modification and/or a customized practice.

If you currently enjoy Hatha I

On the new schedule you can still take Hatha I, and you might also be interested in Mindfulness and Meditation. Mindfulness is a good choice if you want a practice that is more geared toward calming your mind and managing your stress. The Meditation class will include Gentle/Hatha I-type practice followed by guided or silent meditation, and is ideal for improving mental focus and managing stress.

If you currently enjoy Hatha II

On the new schedule you can still take Hatha II, and you might also consider Flow classes, which, depending on the teacher, will vary in intensity. See the next section on Flow classes for more detail.

If you currently enjoy Slow Flow, Vinyasa Flow, or Core Power

On the new schedule these will all be offered under the single name of Flow. Rest assured that your current Slow Flow, Vinyasa Flow, and/or Core Power teacher will continue to teach in their current style.

Amal’s Flow classes are designed to fire up your strength and are appropriate for all levels of experience. Expect a challenging power class that includes mat-based strengthening.

Bridgid's Flow classes are full of vigorous, playful sequences, with options for every level of practitioner. Expect to elevate heart rate and your mental state and leave class feeling radiant, with a renewed sense of energy and a calm, focused mind.

Kelli's Flow classes are strong and fun. She offers challenging poses with options for different skill levels. She takes requests for focus areas, and often works on core strengthening. Her classes end with lots of stretching and relaxation.

Lk's Flow classes meet the students where they are. Expect a challenging, slow flow class focusing on proper alignment while incorporating sun salutations and core work, plus poses to meet individual students' requests.

If you currently enjoy Prenatal yoga

On the new schedule you can still take Prenatal classes, and if you happen to be experiencing any side effects of pregnancy, like back pain, hip pain, or anything else, you might also consider attending Therapeutics classes, where the teacher will offer yoga poses to help with your specific issue.

If you currently enjoy Restorative yoga

This class is simply being renamed to Relaxation on the new schedule because the name Relaxation is more intuitive than Restorative. The content of the class will be exactly what you’re used to - propped, gentle yoga poses that are held for an extended period of time to promote relaxation and stress-management.

Want to try a free class?

Regardless of which classes you currently attend, I encourage you to try any and every class that sounds interesting to you. You may be pleasantly surprised by the benefits you experience in a class you previously would never have thought to attend.

While it's possible that some classes may not be the right fit right now, it’s good to experience different kinds of classes so that one day, when you’re ready to make a shift in your practice, you'll know what’s out there. If you’re interested in a free pass to try out a new-to-you class or teacher during the month of September, just email us at, and we'll send you one!

All my best, Zelinda