Why Your Favorite Yoga Pose Feels So Good 💼 👠 💻 ⛳

This morning in my Gentle class I was struck with the idea that yoga practice (asana) is the counterpose for living life. You know how in yoga class we have counterposes: backbends counterpose forward folds and vice versa, forward folds are counterposes for asymmetrical poses, etc. Basically, if we do a lot of one kind of pose, we need to balance the body by doing the opposite.

If we look at the asana practice overall, it really is a counterpose for how we use our bodies in our regular daily lives.

If you always carry your purse/bags/baby/etc. on the left side of your body, the left side of your body becomes tight. Your chest muscles may become tight, your left hip may ache. Asana practice can help restore balance.

If you frequently wear high heels, your feet, legs, hips, and back may ache. Your calf muscles may become short and tight. Asana practice can help restore balance.

If you hunch over your laptop for hours every day, your neck, shoulders, and back may ache. Over time, your posture may become difficult to un-hunch. Asana practice can help restore balance.

image {Antione working on his handstand. photo credit: Antione @cluemanti}

And if you're an athlete, depending on how you use your body - running, squatting, kicking, jumping, lifting, throwing, catching, swinging, punching, etc. - asana practice can help restore balance.

So regardless of how you use your body, please make time to counterpose with regular yoga practice. Come in for classes (we always love to see you!) or practice at home. Practice at least 2-3 times per week, or if possible, for a 10-15 minutes every day for best results.

And if you're an athlete, you might want to join us for Lk's Yin Yoga for Athletes this Sunday afternoon. You can find details in the section below.

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