12/7/11 - 40 Day Challenge

We're excited to announce the 40 Day Challenge that will Kick Off January 15th! Studies have shown it takes 40 days to develop a healthy habit or erase a destructive habit, so this is a great way to jump start your New Year's wellness resolutions.

Attend at least 30 classes during the 40 Day Challenge to strengthen the connection of your body, mind, and spirit, and enjoy other benefits such as improved flexibility, better stress management, improved focus, increased patience, better sleep, and many more!

Committing to your yoga practice can truly transform your life!

As an added bonus, if you meet or exceed the goal of 30 classes, you'll be registered in our drawing for one of several prizes including the Grand Prize: 6 months of unlimited classes! Read more about the 40 Day Challenge on our Special Events page.

10/3/11 - Video: Yoga for Digestion

by Zelinda Here's a fun little practice to help with digestion and elimination.  It focuses on poses that stimulate the bowels, such as Triangle pose, Side Angle pose, Warrior 1, Shoulderstand, and twists.  Of course, these poses have other benefits as well, such as stretching and strengthening the muscles (especially with the standing poses), rejuvenating the organs, releasing toxins, cultivating mental peacefulness, and promoting relaxation.

This practice is appropriate for beginners (with the exception of Shoulderstand, which is explained in the video).

I hope you'll try this video at home.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments - I'd love to hear from you!