How to Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

Last week I took a day off for some "me" time. I think it was long overdue. I indulged in a haircut, a massage, and a facial, all in one day, and it felt GREAT!

And as I sat (or laid down) for these luxurious services, I took advantage of the opportunity to pick the brains of my sweet wellness providers. I talked to them about something that's been on my mind lately - how can I make exercise a part of my life?

I've been going to my hairstylist and massage therapist for nearly 7 years, and I've seen how committed these ladies are to taking great care of themselves, so I thought they could provide the right blend of inspiration and practical advice about how to make exercise stick for the long term. Here's what I learned:

  1. Think of exercise as part of your daily maintenance. Just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower, exercise needs to be a no-brainer. It's just another part of your daily routine.
  2. Be creative with your exercise. Going to the gym 4-5 days a week would get boring, so mix it up! Designate one day to go to the gym, and schedule your other exercise days with a walk around your neighborhood, a yoga class, a bike ride, or even a half hour of hula hooping!
  3. Figure out how to schedule your exercise. Would you be more likely to stick with it if you do it first thing in the morning? During your lunch hour? After work? Do you want a workout buddy? If you have small children, figure out how childcare plays into your scheduling. Does your gym offer childcare? Can your child participate in exercise with you (i.e. ride on your or their own bike)? Can you swap childcare with another exercising mama?

These three practical tips motivated me to start planning my exercise. I don't have a concrete plan yet, but I AM working on it. Promise :)

I'd love to hear from YOU! Do you struggle with making exercise a habit?  Do these tips provide that little bit of motivation you need to get your body moving? Do you have any additional tips of your own? Please post a comment on the blog.

Please post a comment below and and let's get the conversation started!

Lots of love, Zelinda