Yoga or Breakfast?

Early one morning last week, as I drove into the parking lot at the studio, I saw one of my staff, Nick, had arrived even earlier than I. It wasn’t his day to work, so I wondered why he was there so early. As we walked upstairs, he told me he had a busy day planned and he had to decide whether to have breakfast or come to the studio for a class. Some people might find his decision kind of crazy, but I clearly understood why he picked yoga over breakfast.

I often think about how to describe the kind of yoga we offer at The Yoga Room. It’s not typical yoga.

It’s more like tools for living. If you have a headache, we’ve got some yoga for you. If you’re stressed, we’ve got some yoga for you. If your back hurts, we’ve got some yoga for you. If your energy is low, we’ve got some yoga for you. If your mind is scattered, we’ve got some yoga for you. If you’ve got anything at all going on in your life, we have some yoga for you.

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A good yoga practice can turn your whole day around. You’ll be more mentally focused, more productive, more creative, more energized, more peaceful, more easeful in your body. Really. I’m serious. Even if you think you’re too (fill in the blank) to practice yoga. Yoga is magical.

So as it turned out that day, Nick and I were at the studio early enough that we each got to work on our own practices a bit before the first class started. I suggested some specific poses to address his goals, after this relatively short, customized practice, he felt energized, focused, and prepared to face his day. And he still had time to go home and grab some breakfast before heading to work.

Have you ever had this feeling? That getting to a yoga class is your day’s highest priority? That everything will be better after an hour on your mat?

Take a minute to think about what needs sorting in your life, then use that as your intention next time you come in for a class. You know we love to share the yoga - come in and see us soon!


XO, Zelinda

P.S. - Need help figuring out the right class for you? Shoot me a note, and I’ll be happy to help! Oh, and if classes aren't exactly what you're looking for, check out our Private Lessons, Workshops, Beginners Series, and Teacher Training.