Yoga for Bigger Bodies

Recently I've found myself engaged in the same hot topic over and over - how to make yoga work well for people with bigger bodies. All in the span of a couple of weeks, it came up in discussion with our teacher training students, it came up on social media, it came up in my classes, and it came up with some of my yoga friends.

Now, ideally, yoga should work well for *EveryBody* without anyone feeling singled out.

But of course all teachers are different, and depending on where you go and what class you take, the teacher may or may not know how to teach yoga in an accessible and inclusive way.

So it can be really helpful if you know how to make yoga work for your own specific needs, whatever they make be.

If you've ever felt frustrated because your curvy body can't do a pose the way your yoga teacher describes, I made this video for you. In it, I'll show you how to make 3 common (and commonly challenging) poses poses work for your body.

After you watch the video I'd love to hear your feedback - please try out my suggestions and let me know how they work for you. And also please let me know if you have trouble with a pose not covered here - I'd be happy to make a video to help you out!

Zelinda Pro 2013 Red Top smallAll my best, Zelinda




P.S. If you want to learn more about Yoga for Bigger Bodies, please join me at my workshop on Saturday, April 30. You can read more about it and register here.