Zelinda Yañez is the founder of The Yoga Room. She began her yoga practice in 1999, and began teaching in 2007.

Her background in the high tech industry fueled her desire to make yoga accessible to “EveryBody.” For many years when she worked in high tech, Zelinda spent endless hours each week hunched over a laptop, in meetings, or traveling. When she went home in the evenings, her focus turned to family responsibilities and she had little time for exercise or any form of self-care.

As she dabbled in yoga practice and then became more consistent with her practice, she began to realize the many benefits yoga had to offer. She began to feel more relaxed, more focused in her work, she felt physically stronger and more flexible. She began to lose the desire to be “right” and was more focused on maintaining her peace.

She realized she wanted to share the benefits of yoga with regular people who lead regular, busy lives, and it was then she put into motion the plan to open The Yoga Room, a studio where people of all shapes, sizes, and experiences, could come together to practice yoga in a warm, welcoming environment.

Zelinda’s teaching style makes yoga accessible to everyone. She considers her students’ abilities and goals and designs and adjusts the practice in real time so that every student can achieve maximum benefit.  She believes regular yoga practice cultivates a healthy and balanced life.

Zelinda has studied yoga in the United States and India, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour level.  Before she began teaching yoga full time, Zelinda worked in various marketing and engineering roles at Dell and HP.

Zelinda lives in Round Rock with her husband and two young sons, who together are the joy in her life and her greatest teachers.

Zelinda is also fluent in Spanish.