Hello! Welcome to The Yoga Room!

We're a small, locally owned yoga studio that specializes in high quality yoga instruction that is accessible to EveryBody, regardless of age, gender, flexibility, fitness, or condition.

Our Classes are divided into three types: Gentle, Moderate, and Strong, so that EveryBody can find a class that suits their needs.

In addition to Classes, we offer Beginners Series and Individual Instruction. We’d love to help answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to meeting you!

All the best,
Zelinda Yañez
Founder & Teacher




The Beginners Series is a great way to start
practicing yoga! Upon completion of the series,
you'll have gained a foundation of knowledge so
that you'll feel confident in regular classes. 



Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one: one teacher and one student. The instruction was customized to suit the student's needs and style of learning. As yoga gained popularity in the West, it transformed into a group exercise practice, which how we typically see yoga practiced in the US today.

At The Yoga Room, we offer traditional, private Individual Instruction because of the incredible benefits it provides. In a one on one setting, the teacher is focused on you and individual needs, and creates a customized practice designed just for you.


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We offer a variety of Workshops and Series to help you deepen your practice!